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How To Choose The Best Domain Registrar?

Are you thinking of digitizing your business? It is undoubtedly a good idea in today’s modern world, where everything is digital. One step will be getting your domain registered. There are many domain registrars present in Pakistan. It becomes a struggle to choose the best domain registrar. You can get tricked, too, in this business. You must check the domain registrar first if you want to buy a PK domain, com domain, or anything else. This blog will show you how to choose the correct domain registrar for your business.

What is a domain registrar?

A domain registrar is a company that helps you to purchase a domain name for your website. A domain name makes your website easily accessible. Else one will have to type long strings of IP addresses to find your website. A domain name solves the problem, and your website can be searched easily, such as,, etc. ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is a non-profit organization that is responsible for managing domain names worldwide. All domain registrar companies are registered over here. These different companies then compete with each other to sell domain name licenses with better services provided.

Cost and Registration period

The first thing you should check with any registrar company is their domain hosting price in PakistanSome companies offer very low prices while registering but have hidden costs in the name of yearly renewals. You should go through the company’s pricing policy before making your deal and look for any hidden charges. Some companies also offer registration for extended periods, such as five or ten years. You can also pick any of these offers according to your requirement.

Domain Expiry Policy

All the domain registrar companies sell the domains for a specific time period. You have to renew the registration every time before the expiry. Even if you have a plan for auto-renewal, you should check the status after some time. Some companies are kind enough to give the customer a grace period after expiry to get the renewal. But some scammers sell your domain to the highest bidder without even informing you. If this happens to you, your website will go to anyone else. You won’t want this to happen to you, so you should check the domain expiry policy of the registrar company before buying the policy.

Domain transfer Policy

According to the policy decided by ICANN, you cannot transfer your domain before 60 days. After that, you are free to transfer your domain to any other registrar if you are uncomfortable with your current registrar. Some registration companies transfer the domain quite easily, while some are there who make the procedure very difficult for you. They charge an extra fee to remove the domain lock. You should check the transfer policy before buying the domain to prevent any future hassles.

Best Domain Registrar in Pakistan

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Final Thoughts

Digitizing your business is very important to make your reach higher. Choosing the right hosting service to help your business grow is equally important, as a wrong registrar company can cost you a significant loss. You should select your registrar very wisely so that your business succeeds. The few things we shared will help you make the right choice.